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Welkom on the site of the Devon Rex ,Sphynx and Maine Coon Cattery Knuffelkont.

We live together with our sweet and active cuddly cats in Oudehorne The Netherlands.

We enjoy these special cats every day, they are very social, cuddly and smart. Don't leave anything to eat, they can open (nearly) everything. If required they even throw bottles from the cupboard to open them. They are extremely present, want to see everything and want to know what you are doing. They love to join you.

In 2007 the idea originated to start breeding. When you want this you need a female. At that point in time we only had males! So the search for females started. We loved to have a point or tonkinese girl.

After a long search we found a beautiful litter in Belgium. However we bought a bleu mink male instead of a female. He thought that it would be fun to live with us and he chose us by screaming loud when we tried to put him back with his mother. Beau, male but so sweet and beautiful. My daughter however found a Devon Rex female, La Luna, she is a blue tortie with a white nose. She is Beau's half sister and about three weeks older.

Sot the search for a beautiful female continued. In the end we found the girl we were looking for in Germany. A chocolate tortie tabby point girl, our first female named Anna.
The second girl took another year to find. In November 2009 Yinte came living with us. A small cute and naughty chocolate mink. This colour we were looking from the beginning but they are hard to find. She is so beautiful, isn't she.

We want to breed a litter now and than based on a healthy method in which a to high inbreading has to be prevented. Our goal is sweet healthy and socialised kittens.
The fun and well being of our cats comes first. They live as one group in our house and will not be locked up. The only reason to relocate a male of female is when they are not happy in the group.

A Devon Rex is very socialized and we will not place kittens at new homes where they will be living alone. Devon Rex cats need a animal friend like an other cat or dog.

Our garden is completely closed and nets on top of the fence prevent our cats form leaving the garden or other cats from entering. In this way they can enjoin the sun without any risks. Watch out the can easily get sunburn. Sun cream on their head is required. We don't place kittens were they can walk freely because the risks of the traffic or fights with other cats and dogs is too big. They are a little bit our children and want to take good care of them.

We think that health is very important. Our cats are tested on Fiv/Felv/HCM/PKD/PL. The first time the blood group is also defined, which is very important to prevent a wrong selection. Mothers can poison there kittens if you make the wrong combination. Furthermore our cats get there yearly injections against diseases.